4 Best Hybrid Table Saw – Which One Should You Buy?


If the question is the best type of saw for the serious woodworker, then the hybrid table saw is the satisfying answer.

Hybrid table saws give you the best features of a traditional jobsite saw and a cabinet table saw. Now, you can get a fine power saw at a price that leaves room in the budget for those great project and improvement ideas.

Hybrids are between the flexible contractor saws and large, powerful cabinet saws. These versatile table saws offer plenty of power for home and hobby work; they challenge the high-priced traditional models for clean cuts and efficient operation.

The following hybrid table saw reviews can help find the right cutting tool.

Our Pick is The Shop Fox W1851

Shop Fox W1851

The Shop Fox 1851 (Check Price on Amazon.com) is the best hybrid table saw. The W1851 replaces the highly rated Shop Fox W1824 and W1837 models. Each would have been among the top five selections here, but are no longer available. The Shop Fox W1851 carries on the terrific line with high-value components, a strong cabinet structure, and a powerful motor.

The Model 1851 runs on household current at 110v and 15-amps. The power feature makes it a great candidate for the professional shop too; the solid machine functions as a light duty professional tool that does not need 240v and 20-amp circuits.

The W1851 has a side table extension, great safety features, and the same clean design as the predecessor models. At 430 lbs., it is a substantial machine that can move easily around the shop.

Should You Buy?

A power saw is essential for most woodworking tasks. The alternatives are manual cuts that take a lot of time. A clean cutting and smooth operating power saw is the basis for a productive woodworking experience. Woodworkers can add immensely to the comfort and features of their homes; they can save large amounts by making home improvements. The hybrid models are not cheap; when compared to professional and cabinet models, they are affordable. The flexibility and usefulness of these machines suggest that they can pay for themselves with savings as well as provide hours of enjoyment for the hobbyist woodworker.

Woodwork projects make terrific gifts for family and friends. Some woodworkers turn their hobby into a money-making side business. A well-made table saw can be your workshop foundation. A high-quality light-duty saw can handle occasional large workloads and consistently deliver precise cuts on your projects.

Cabinet saws feature heavy motors. Manufacturers make these machines for high volume work and professional demands in materials and usage. Contractor saws or jobsite saws have powerful motors, but also have portable designs. You can use contractor saws with or without guides and fences. Some have special construction for weather conditions.

The hybrid is a light duty tool, and it offers the advantages of cabinet and contractor saws. You can get them at a price suited for woodworking rather than professional work.

Woodtek 159665, 2hp, 52″ Fence (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Woodtek 159665, MachineryWoodtek makes a strong and portable line of light-duty saws. At 225 pounds and with built-in casters, the Woodtek 159665 is the most portable light duty saw on the list.

Easy movement is a plus, particularly when space is at a premium in an amateur or home workplace.

The 110v power format means that you don’t have to add special heavy circuits or limit the machine to areas with 220v plugs.

The lighter weight and increased portability do not sacrifice strength, durability, safety, and features.

The clear plastic blade protector goes on and off quickly to provide safe cutting with minimum exposure of hands near the blade. The anti-kickback is a great safety feature. The flexible hybrid accepts dado attachments, and the machine can make easy work of lines, grooves, and channels in hard or softer woods.

The 52-inch fence is an excellent foundation for cutting board lengths and handling sheet material. The rip fence has a convenient one-hand operation. The blade height adjustment wheel is front mounted and sets with ease. The blade angle wheel is large and allows for quick adjustment and fine-tuning of angled cuts.

The 2 HP motor generates plenty of power for hardwoods, dados, and non-through cuts.

The rip fence sets quickly and automatically keep a parallel angle to the blade. Those that can easily provide 220v and 20-amp service can increase the ease of operation with additional power at startup.

The exterior has a bright color and paint combination. The paint is a distinctive coating that resists wear, weathering, and heat effects from the motor. The color is unique but also very functional in protecting the exterior from excessive wear.

LAGUNA TOOLS Fusion 36in. Rip 110 V (Check Price on Amazon.com)

LAGUNA TOOLS Fusion 36inThe Laguna Fusion is an ideal light-duty table saw. This hybrid weighs 266 lbs. or up to 349 lbs. with full extension tables. The saw runs on 110 v 15-amp circuits, and it is ideal for home or the small wood shop. The motor is a 1 and 3/4 horsepower power plant, and the rip capacity is 36 inches.

The machine comes with a 10-inch blade and can accept dado attachments. It has good safety features; it has a front mounted cut-off switch, a riving knife, and a plastic see-through blade cover.

The quick release safety cover and riving knife are important for safety. The machine has a 4-inch port for dust collection which can accommodate a high volume of sawdust.

Laguna is among the few hybrids with the trunnions mounted to the cabinet frame. The distinctive construction of the Laguna creates a soft sound and low vibration performance. The low noise and controlled vibration make cuts more precise and consistent. This strong light-duty saw does the work of a tool with a much heavier motor.

The frame-mounted trunnions ensure that the top will stay flat and not sag over time.

The trunnions mounts keep vibration to a minimum during cuts, and low vibration is a factor with delicate materials like veneers. Low vibration helps make the cuts exact and repeatable.

Woodworkers will enjoy the ability to use a table saw for small intricate cuts, and quiet operation makes the day go easier.

Despite the maximum weight of about 349 pounds, the Fusion is quite easy to move and can accommodate location for sawdust collection, power plugs, or other space needs.

Many homeowners must share workspace with automobiles and other household necessities. The Fusion fits the bill for easy movement, and, using household current, it can connect anywhere.

Baileigh TS-1044H (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Baileigh TS-1044H The Baileigh TS-1044H is a great model for entry-level users; experienced users will enjoy the simplicity of design and straightforward operation.

The machine has a heavy base weight and comes with casters. It has a solid feel and easy movement. You will appreciate the easy marking on the fence for rip settings and other set-ups.

The 1.75 horsepower motor uses 110 or 220-volt power; you can select the option. The arbor speed at 4000 rpm offers an advantage for precise cuts and hardwood surfaces.

The machine ships with a 10-inch blade and works well with an 8-inch blade for greater control. It accepts dado blades for making smooth channels and grooves. The blade speed is 4000 rpm which is roughly ten percent faster than the average hybrid blade speed.

The trunnion attaches to the base rather than to the top. This design will preserve the flush finish of the top over years of usage. The trunnion design ensures a smooth operation with a minimum of noise and vibration.

The miter fence and gauge have two slots for cuts on each side of the blade. The rip fence has a convenient storage slot for the push stick. The convenience of the push stick is important. Push sticks are an important safety feature that keeps hands away from the blade during regular and difficult cuts.

The rip fence has a digital readout to give you an exact setting tool for precision and repetitive cuts; it is a useful application electronics in a table saw. The traditional tape and pointer are not as precise as an electronic measure. The electronic gauge can guard against accidental shifts with an easy glance at the electronic display.

The Digital readout reduces the time needed for measuring; you can zero the readout at the blade for exact repeating cuts.


The Top Pick

Shop Fox W1851

(Check Price on Amazon.com)

The Shop Fox W1851 is the best value for most consumers, but you can view even more table saws from our homepage. It has a simple and instinctive layout, and it is a great machine for new to advanced woodworkers. The machine runs well with a 2.0 HP motor and standard wiring. It has a dual level rip fence, and durable materials in the miter and guards.

It has a solid strong feel from the well-designed belt system that provides smooth operation with less noise than its competitors. The cranks are heavy and set in fixed positions. The safety shield is clear plastic, and its design helps draw dust as the blade rotates. The miter gauge fence and rip fence are solid and adjust easily.

The Budget Pick

Shop Fox W1851

(Check Price on Amazon.com)

The Shop Fox 1851 captures the triple crown this season. It has a great price to go along with top light-duty saw ratings, the great quality, and useful features. The price point is below the other entries, and it ranks with or above them in overall value.

The Shop Fox 1851 represents a consolidation of hybrid models from this manufacturer it replaced the 1824 and the 1837 models. The flexible machine runs well on regular house current and can accept 230-volt wiring on a 20-amp circuit for powerful startups. The longer extension table adds to the all-around usefulness of this solid, and efficient machine.