5 Best Portable Table Saw Reviews – Which One Should You Buy?

Portable Table saws give woodworkers and professionals a powerful cutting tool that they can use anywhere the need arises. These well-made machines can perform a wide variety of essential woodworking tasks including high-volume repetitive cuts. Each device chosen for the portable table saw review offers a powerful motor, lightweight, and is easy to move.

Today, the portable saw offers features that you could only find in large cabinet saws and expensive contractor job site models. These new flexible and versatile machines have affordable price points that will benefit hobby woodworkers as well as professional tradespeople.

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Our Top Choice


  • Rack and Pinion Fence System
  • Rolling stand designed for easy set up and breakdown
  • 2-1/2-Inch Dust Collection Port

The powerful motor on DEWALT DWE7491RS (Check Price on Amazon.com) runs on 15-amp circuits. The rip fence design with rack and pinion set points makes this machine the optimal tool for the new or experienced woodworker. You can set the rip lengths and proceed to handle large volumes with ease. Adjusting the measure is simple and precise.

Woodworkers can handle delicate and precise cuts like dados, grooves, tenons, and mortise. Bevels are exceptionally firm with this machine. Its arbor sits on a one-piece support rather than the usual setup of tubes and bars. The result is a consistent performance on bevels without a need for readjustment.

Portable saws offer power, control, and precision in a compact form. Today’s mobile machines have design features similar to large stationary types. It can accommodate longboard lengths, full flat sheets, and a wide range of materials. Portable devices have powerful motors that handle tough materials and hardwoods with ease.

Ease of operation is a vital concern. No one wants to spend months learning how to use a saw. You want to hit the ground running and start churning out those long-awaited projects and home improvements.

The latest models provide simple operations, easily interchangeable set-ups, and easy to use designs.


Safety features are vital to easy usage and avoiding harm to self or others. You can get these machines with adjustable safety guards that snap into place quickly. All models offer a riving knife to prevent the cut ends of boards to pinch back against the blades. Some technological changes add to safety too. The latest innovations provide electronic brakes to stop the edges quickly after shutting off.

Some woodworkers have limited space, limited budget, a preference for compact machines, or need to move the tool to different locations. For these and other reasons or choices, the woodworker can prefer a powerful, easy to use, tool.

Some portables are light, and one can easily carry them. Others weigh nearly 100 lbs. And require a convenient set of wheels and a stand. Either as a table model or with a self-contained position, this model can function as the heart of a woodshop. The latest advances provide safe machines capable of precise and repeatable cuts.

The Top 5 Portable Saw Reviews

The Sawstop technology emphasizes safety as a primary goal. The Sawstop technology provides dramatic stopping action for the spinning blade. The feature increases protection for users of all experience levels by reducing the chances of inadvertent contact with a spinning blade.

The model offers a large tabletop working surface. It measures 22x 43 inches.

The machine has features that usually come with the top line commercial machines. The blade height adjustment goes entirely up and down in one turn of the adjustment wheel. Other top models in portable category take up to 25 shifts to ultimately raise the blades to maximum height.

This quick adjustment feature will save hours each day. Setting the blade angle is also direct and straightforward. A large easily readable gauge marks the range from zero to 45 degrees.

The all-important rip fence is the key to production on repetitive cuts.

The Sawstop JSS-MCA uses a secure lock system that keeps the fence in a precise position without the need for frequent readjustment. With an easy method for setting the wall, you can focus on getting the cuts you need.

The machine has a large arbor and accepts a dado throat plate. The continuous horsepower motor makes consistent and efficient cuts for dados and less than through reductions. There is no noticeable surge or slowing at startup.

The Sawstop JSS-MCA has the power to handle hardwood and tough sheet material. It is lightweight at only 108 lbs. including the cart and wheels. The impressive design keeps its center of gravity and works well with oversized loads when cutting. Many users handle sheet materials without assistance.

Sawstop JSS-MCA uses a built-in travel tool and stands to get the machine to the right location and hold it steady during operation.

The weight and design help keep the machine stable when handling oversize materials like plywood or compressed material boards. The fold up features permits travel and storage as a small package that saves space. The powerful motor and smooth operation only require house current, 110v, and 15-amp electric power.

The Delta 36-022 offers easy one-handed set up with its one-step stand and wheel combination. The machine detaches from the stand when you want to leave it in one location. The tool is lightweight at only 75 lbs.; the power rating is 1800 watts at 120 volts or 15 amperes.

The Delta 36-6022 has the form of two saws in one generously priced package. It detaches from the stand and wheels to sit on a bench as a box saw. You can have a stationary bench-mounted model that can bolt to a surface for stability.

When you want a portable model, merely attach the box to the wheel mounted platform; you can quickly move it to any location.

The safety features are noteworthy for innovations. The safety features include a riving knife to prevent board pinching and anti-kickback pawls to keep material from moving backward. The plastic cutting guard snaps easily into place.

It has a three-piece design that rises and drops as the material passes under it. Its riving knife prevents board movement that can cause blades to stop and jam.

The coating on the tabletop decreases friction so that sheet materials will not stick to the surface during cutting. The machine has a higher work height than previous models, and this adds to the ease of operation.

The Delta rip fence offers natural one-handed movement and setting. The T-square fence design provides accurate settings, and the high-quality materials will last for years of excellent service.

The self-adjusting fence maintains square to the blade wherever you set it. You can just push the fence control lever and slide the rail to the desired setting and release the lever.

The Hitachi C10RJ offers a powerful motor for heavy work and precision for fine cuts and bevels.

It has features like onboard storage for the tools and the push stick that keeps them handy and available when away from the shop. The machine operates on 120v current at 15-amperes.

The motor uses the direct drive and spins the arbor at 4,500 rpm.

This high-speed torque slices through hardwoods and tough sheet materials. The high rev arbor rates give3s the machine a quiet and firm feeling when in use.

You can fly through a giant pile of repetitive cuts with this little workhorse.

Hitachi C10RJ has a 35-inch rip capacity which compares well with many stationary machines. The rip fence is precise and adjusts quickly with little effort.

The table extension extends easily to give maximum support for sheet materials. The small, sturdy machine is versatile; it handles dado cuts and does bevels from zero to 45 degrees in thicknesses from 3.12 inches to 2.25 inches.

The exhaust port matches standard shop vacuum diameters and can work with a bag collector too. The machine resembles other leading models in general design, Hitachi has put a lot of features and quality components to make a device with an impressive overall performance.

Hitachi C10RJ the fold and roll stand has a smooth one-person operation for moving and setup. The machine weighs about 95 lbs., and the convenient fold and roll stand takes the work out of moving and set-up. When in use, the position has a wide stance, and the feet extend beyond the box of the saw.

This broader base adds strength and stability. It reduces the chances of a machine tipping while cutting.

The Skilsaw line of power tools has built a reputation for hard wear, durability, and the worm drive technology. The intricate mesh of precision gears produces low friction, lower heat, and more extended wear.

The Skilsaw SPT 70WT brings that impressive technology to the table saw market. With a ten-inch blade, and it accepts eight-inch blades. The manufacturer offers a dado throat plate as a low-cost extra.

Heat build-up is an enemy of small power motors. When used heavily or on sturdy materials, the engines work and produce high levels of heat.

Over the course of years, the heat weakens wiring and connections and affects the relationship of moving parts. The worm gear technology reduces the amount of heat in low or heavy use conditions.

The technology promises to reduce engine wear and extend its life.

The Skilsaw SPT 70WT is a small machine, but it can handle big loads and bulky materials. It has a 25-inch rip capacity. The rip fence sets quickly with a single lever to open and close the positioning; one can move and fix the fence with one hand.

The optional stand attaches without tools with a set of built-in latches. If adding the stand, then you will have a powerful bench saw and a portable machine with a position for field or remote locations.

The Skilsaw SPT 70WT is genuinely portable because of its lightweight. The capabilities are those of a more substantial and more massive model.

The innovative powertrain offers quiet operation, low levels of vibration, and precision cuts with an easily adjustable rip fence.

The Bosch 4100-09 offers a large cutting surface, 8 or 10-inch blades, and dado capacity. The gravity rise stand and long fence rails make it a tool that one person can quickly move, set-up and operate.

The 4.0 HP motor provides 3,650 rpm at no-load; it makes fast and clean cuts through building stock, hardwoods, plywood, and any sheet material. The machine can produce easy work or straight and rip cuts.

It handles bevels up to 47 degrees and can cut clean lines in thick boards.

The Bosch design is meant for durable use and extended wear. The layout integrates the sub-base, and the saw with the aluminum top. The design resists heat, wear, and weathering.

The rip fence uses the Bosch Squarelock system to ensure precise measurements and exact cuts. The fence glides over the rails until you reach the accurate mark and then you can lock it with the flip of a handle.

The one-hand operation is a plus for speed and convenience. You can work through a large number of cuts with confidence and without the need to readjust the settings.

The Bosch design emphasizes safety.

The riving knife works to keep the wood from pinching on through cuts, but it also works to avoid splitting into non-through cuts and dados.

The Shoppers’ Top Choice 


The DeWalt 7491 RS is the best value for hobbyist and professionals alike, and we at bestcabinettablesaws.com love it.. It has advanced features that will work exceptionally well for users at any stage of experience and knowledge. This machine is professional grade but with a hobbyist price tag.

The high-value components, sturdy construction, and the precision ripping fence will provide excellent performance for a long time. The lever controlled quick change for the riving knife, and the safety shield takes away one of the tedious chores of the table saw operation.

The extended fence holds board lengths and sheet material with a right balance of weight and well-designed support.

It is a great value and an outstanding tool.

Our Budget Pick 

The Skil SPT70WT-22 is the best selection when the budget is a top priority. This lightweight, portable box saw can also work with a portable stand at an additional price.

The worm drive technology and more cooling operation recommend this tool, and it is the best budget option.