Top 6 Best Sawstop Table Saws – Reviews & Buying Guide (2018)

Sawstop is a true pioneer of the power tool industry. The brand is synonymous with consistent quality, reliability, and groundbreaking innovations.

As a table saw manufacturer, they are best known for introducing the Always-On Finger Saver system, which was recognized as Time Magazine’s Best New Invention of 2006.Are you a woodworker in the market for a new model? Whether you’re a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, you can’t go wrong with a Sawstop.

But, while choosing the most trusted U.S.-based maker is a no-brainer, figuring out which model to go with can be a headache.There are over six dozen variations to consider and countless factors to account for. But the fact of the matter is that many models are outdated, some are overpriced and only a handful are among the best in their class.

So, instead of endlessly sifting through all the options, choose among the six top models the company has to offer.

Top 6 Models on the Market

Professional Series PCS31230-TGP252

1. Professional Series PCS31230-TGP252 (Check Price on

Ideal for career craftsmen and seasoned hobbyists alike, this 3.0 horsepower cabinet saw guarantees a quick, smooth cut every time.

The PCS31230-TGP252 combines performance, efficiency and cutting-edge safety features only available in Professional Series models. Plus, it is compatible with regular 10-inch blades as well as 8-inch dado sets.

With a retractable 52-inch fence system, it can handle various materials of different sizes with ease.

Since it is a T-Glide fence, you can expect smooth operation and convenient, precise measurement. Most importantly, the T-Glide system includes highly reliable locks that eliminate the chance of deflection.

Such a heavy-duty model can never be portable. But, like all the latest Professional Series models, it is quite mobile. Thanks to four durable wheels, you can move it around the garage or even maneuver around a worksite with little to no effort.

Designed for optimal dust collection, the cabinet is fully enclosed aside from the 4-inch collection ports. If you plan to use the model on a daily basis, consider opting in for the optional Overarm Dust Collector. It carries all debris away from the blade directing it toward the ports.

The perfected Finger Saver system fully stops the blade within 5 milliseconds (1/200th of a second) of skin contact.

From the second you power on the saw, the system is ready to detect and stop an accident from happening. The company proudly saves thousands of fingers per year, turning potential disasters into papercuts.

Finally, the cabinet saw comes with a perfect riving knife for non-through cuts. There is almost no kickback from the left-tilting blade, which means that soft materials will never get scuffed by the fence lock mechanism.


Contractor Series CNS175-TGP36 

2. Contractor Series CNS175-TGP36 (Check Price on

If your storage space is limited but you don’t want to sacrifice performance, this Contractor Series is perfect for you. The 1.75 horsepower motor generates enough power to cut through most materials like a hot knife through butter. Meanwhile, the entire model measures just 69 inches(w) by 45in.(l) by 34in.(h) – the smallest model in its class.

When it’s not in storage, the CNS175-TGP36 is large enough to easily handle mid-sized and large material. It comes with a retractable extension table, rails, and a fence system with T-Glide technology for smooth, stable operation. Engineered in the U.S., it also has a remarkably detailed finish, which makes all the difference when it comes to precision.

It is made up of a cast iron base coated with industrial-class trunnion. Combined with its heavy-duty support beams, the base provides sturdy support for all the wood you can possibly fit on the 36-inch fence.

Furthermore, a zero-clearance insert that helps eliminate minor chipping and tearing also comes standard with the CNS175-TGP36.

Finally, its shrouded blade helps minimize sawdust in the air by drastically improving the passive dust collection system. The system collects over 90% of all airborne particulates through a tapered 4-inch port.

Industrial Series ICS51230-52 

3.  Industrial Series ICS51230-52 (Check Price on

As the name suggests, this is brand’s biggest industrial-class model. Powered by a 5HP, 60Hz motor, it is the most high-performance 10-inch model on the market. If you’re a contractor or a seasoned hobbyist who enjoys large-scale DIY projects, you should definitely consider the ICS51230-52.

A 5 horsepower motor may seem like overkill, but the ability to make countless perfectly smooth cuts in a row is definitely worth it. No need to take your time – just lock in the desired settings and work as quickly as you need to. Plus, more power means less noise and vibrations.

Efficiency is further boosted by a 52-inch T-Glide fence system. Instead of constantly worrying about deflection (and dodging debris when it happens) you get to concentrate entirely on the task at hand.

Combined with the new Finger Saver system, which protects from blade-related injuries, this model gives you more invaluable peace of mind than any other.

Unless you decide to make a few delicate bevel cuts during an earthquake, you can expect picture perfect precision from every single cut. The model’s 600-pound cast iron cabinet is beyond steady. And with its detailed, silky smooth finish, the work table also promotes stability.

But stability isn’t the only benefit of a heavy-weight cabinet. For instance, adjusting angles for miter/bevel cuts is simple thanks to the ergonomically designed cast iron tilt wheel.

Jobsite Series Portable Cart JSS-MCA

4. Jobsite Series Portable Cart JSS-MCA (Check Price on

Everything about this Jobsite Series was meant for on-the-go use. From setup to operation to blade adjustments and transportation, the JSS-MCA will never slow you down.

In fact, most casual woodworkers can hardly keep up with its 15AMP 1.75 horsepower motor, pedal release control, One Step Elevation and QuickTilt system.

To fully raise the blade, traditional table saws require about 20-30 turns of the leveling knob. Sawstop managed to cut that down to a single turn for their portable units. They also added a user-friendly control box with electronic setting indicators and a large start/stop pedal.

The JSS-MCA’s T-Glide fence system also received an upgrade. It adjusts up to 25 inches in length and features an extendable On-Demand shelf for extra support. To top it off, this model features ErgoLock – a mechanism that locks materials in place and releases with a push of a button.

As for tilt angles, the new QuickTilt dial allows you to adjust them in 1-degree increments. And, as if that wasn’t enough, there’s a Micro-Tilt setting for the most delicate precision cuts.

Last year, in recognition of the many unique innovations presented with their latest Jobsite model, Sawstop received an AWFS Visionary Award.

Contractor Series With Extrusion Fence

5. Contractor Series With Extrusion Fence (Check Price on

Simply put, this is the “basic package” version of the Contractor Series. That being said, it offers numerous advantages that aren’t available with the high-end models. If you’re an occasional woodworker or a DIY weekend warrior, the CNS175-SFA30 is bound to serve you well.

Though it runs on a high-performance 1.75HP motor, the CNS175-SFA30 is an 110V appliance, meaning it can be plugged into any household outlet. At 14AMP, you can even use an extension cord of up to 25 feet in length.

For support, the table set includes an extrusion fence and a rail kit. It may lack the T-Glide system, but its aluminum alloy fence is a seamless extension of the table. Not to mention the smoothly detailed rail kit, which provides ample support for heavy materials.

Brand’s legendary finger safety system is complemented by the zero-clearance blade guard, which also comes standard. Another pleasant bonus is the durable 40-tooth combination blade included with the model. Unless you plan on using an 8-inch dado kit, you won’t need to buy another blade anytime soon.

Four lockable casters enable you to move the model around with ease and store it anytime. If you need the CNS175-SFA30 to cover a lot of ground, consider spending extra $ on the detachable Mobile Base accessory.

Professional Series PCS175-PFA30 

6. Professional Series PCS175-PFA30 (Check Price on

While the PCS175-PFA30 is part of the Professional Series, it simply doesn’t have the capacity for industrial applications. Even the stability offered by its heavy-duty base doesn’t make up for the mid-range 1.75HP motor.

What’s more, it doesn’t include any of the accessories needed for using a dado set instead of the regular 10-inch blade.

On the other hand, it is still a major upgrade for any hobbyist who outgrew their portable, low-end table saw. Its premium 30-inch fence system delivers smooth, picture-perfect cuts.

That, combined with industrial precision gauges and a vibration-free work surface, can help take your woodworking skills to a whole new level.

Considering how safe and easy to use this model is, it may be the best choice for novice users looking for their first table saw. The easy to use cabinet set features tool-free blade mounts, allowing you to change riving knives or guards in seconds.

Although the set only includes a standard Micro Blade Guard, the compatible Dust Collection Blade Guard can be bought separately.

Our Winner is…

3HP Professional Series

Sawstop makes a number of superb table saws. But, if you want to get the most bang for your buck, there are only two possible options.

If you’re a novice or casual hobbyist, your best bet would be the Jobsite Mobile Saw. It’s a reliable model featuring the best brand innovations as well a number of exclusive upgrades.

Of course, the Jobsite units are far too small for career craftsmen and woodworking experts. As such, the overall favourite is the 3HP Professional Series (Check Price on It combines unmatched reliability and precision with optimal performance.

Surprisingly enough, it also happens to be one of the least expensive saws in its class.